The IS-0510-150 is a high-speed wafer scale
CMOS image sensor with 340 x 688 pixels
developed for medical, industrial and scientific applications. The image array consists of 150 μm x 150 μm three gain pixels enabling a low full well, medium full well and a high full well mode. The user can choose between the three different full well modes. The image sensor integrates a programmable gain and offset regulation for optimizing saturation level for each application.  The imager is offering a programmable region of interest (ROI) mode which frame rate can be increased proportionally to the reduction on the number of rows.


Part status
Pixel size
Die Size
Shutter type
Frame rate
On-chip ADC-resolution
Full Well

Dark Noise

Dynamic range
Supply voltage
Operating temperature range
RoHS compliance
On-chip temperature sensor


340 (H) x 688 (V)
150 x 150 μm
Die Size 55.7 x 103.4 mm
Shutter type Rolling shutter
Frame rate 300 fps
On-chip ADC-resolution 14 bit
Full Well LFW: 800 Ke-
MFW: 4.5 Me-
HFW: 21 Me-
Dark Noise LFW: 190 e- (RMS)
MFW: 865 e- (RMS)
HFW: 3970 e- (RMS)
Dynamic range 74.4 dB
Supply voltage 1.8 V / 3.5 V
Power <1.5 W
Operating temperature range 0 to +60 0C
Chroma Mono
RoHS compliance Yes
Connector-Samtec QTH-090-02-L-D-A or
On-chip temperature sensor Yes