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In the field of diagnostic x-ray,  ISDI has wide experience of producing custom designed image sensors for a wide range of applications:

  • Fluoroscopy:  the combination of low noise and high gain allows lower dose to patients and operators, and provides superior image quality at low dose rates during interventional radiography procedures.
  • Dental X-ray: both panoramic and CT modes
  • Pre-clinical imaging: high resolution imaging of soft tissue samples.

ISDI has also developed custom CMOS sensors for routine energy measurement in therapeutic proton accelerators. Learn more about our PRaVDA project here:



ISDI has developed a range of radiation hard CMOS image sensors providing two gain modes, and which support both ROI and non-destructive readout.  They are ideally suited for industrial applications:

  •  3D CBCT
  • casting and electronics inspection
  • metrology and material science
  • weld and pipeline inspection




Sensors developed by ISDI can be used for high end security applications in which high resolution and high capture rate are critical. 


Scientific (sCMOS)

ISDI has developed specific sensors for high end scientific applications. Typically, such sensors require a combination of extremely low noise, very high dynamic range or very high speed. Typical application areas are:

  • Live cell imaging
  • Molecule detection
  • Microscopy
  • X-ray crystallography
  • Spectroscopy

Scientific image sensor designs can benefit from the high-density integration of the sensing elements and associated circuitry, as well as the on-chip analogue and digital processing that sCMOS technology provides.