ISDI is an innovator in the field of advanced image sensors. We believe that use of imaging technology can improve quality of life, improve productivity, and extend knowledge.

Our values:

Respect and openness:

We treat our customers as partners during new product development. We believe in openness when we encounter challenges. We value truthful and honest peer-to-peer communication.

A professional approach:

We will do the utmost in our technical capabilities to solve technical challenges in imaging. We pride ourselves in our technical experience and capabilities, and we will use the best tools and techniques to bring ideas to physical reality.


We believe that we are unique in our agility in responding to customer needs. We are a small, agile team of expert designers, without a large cost base and with a minimal administrative burden, and we commit to passing on this efficiency to our customers.

Ethical operation:

We operate with high ethical standards.  Our supply chain partners are required to comply with international agreements with regards to use of conflict minerals and child labour. We maintain rigorous policies to prevent corruption and money laundering.