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Custom Products

ISDI provides innovative image sensor solutions based on in-house design, characterization and qualification facilities for image sensor research, development and volume production. With our strong technology portfolio we optimize your image sensor solution to fit your exact needs and offer state-of-the art performance.

Why choose a custom solution?

  • Create a unique product
  • Perfect match with your overall system needs
  • Stand out above the existing solution and competition
  • Outperform off the shelf solutions
  • Control availability by taking ownership of your supply chain

some of our custom projects

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PRAVDA Proton Radiation Imager Adaptive Pixelated Ultrafast Scanning

  •  Sensors monitor beam profile in proton therapy
  • ISDI ASIC for multiple silicon strip detectors for proton tracking
  • Multiple large-area ISDI CMOS imager sensors for residual proton energy measurement

This makes it an ideal sensor for many demanding scientific or medical applications.



The ISDI team developed a wafer-scale image sensor for a novel X-ray detector (DynAMITe) within the ‘MI-3 Plus’ EPSRC funded research project

  •  A 130 x 130 mm radiation hard design with 50 um and 100 um pixel pitch
  •  Biomedical applications with visible light
  • Hi-resolution X-ray for medical and scientific applications


  • DUOS sensor was developed by the ISDI team for the Pi-Phi project
  •  DUOS was used for X-ray crystallography and transmission electron microscopy