wafer-scale CMOS image SENSORS

ISDI offers a range of real-time wafer-scale CMOS image sensors and sensor arrays with 50 µm, 75 µm, 100 µm and 150 µm pixel pitch. These are designed with a range of sensitivities and options which meet the demands of a wide range of X-ray imaging applications. Formats include 1510-100, 0510-100, 1511-100, 1512-75, 1207-75, 1313-50, 1412-50 and arrays of 2222 and 3030 can be supplied. A range of line-scan sensor arrays are also available in 15 cm x 1 cm and 23 cm x 1 cm formats for dental extraoral and industrial applications.

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Design-in support

The image sensor can be the most difficult and time-consuming component in an entire x-ray system, both for integration and evaluation. A poor understanding of the sensor and its performance can delay a product release by months, as image quality issues often appear late in the product trials.

For this reason, ISDI offers a design-in package for all standard products.  We supply an evaluation kit and reference design in which the full specified performance of the sensor is demonstrated.

The reference design is available to customers for use in their own product designs, for minimising development time and effort.  ISDI evaluation kits can also be used to run detailed image quality tests on the sensor without the need to design new hardware or software.

Beyond the silicon, ISDI has long experience and deep knowledge of detector applications in medical and industrial x-ray, spectroscopy, and scientific fields. Our approach has always been to work with the customer in achieving optimal image quality.