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Radiation Hardness of a Large Area CMOS Active Pixel Sensor for Bio-medical applications

M. Esposito, T. Anaxagoras; O. Diaz; K. Wells and N. M. Allinson

DynAMITe: a wafer scale sensor for biomedical applications

M. Esposito, T. Anaxagoras, A. Fant, K. Wells  A. Konstantinidis,
J.P.F. Osmond, P.M. Evans, R.D. Spellerd and N.M. Allinson

CMOS Active Pixel Sensors for imaging in proton radiotherapy

M. Esposito, T. Price, J. Taylor, C. Waltham, B. Phoenix, S. Manger, G. Poludniowski, P. Evans, S. Green, D. Parker, P. Allport, S. Manolopoulos, J. Nieto-Camero and N. Allinson

Proton CT - Will finding a challenging solution solve a challenging problem?

Nigel M Allinson, MBE, ScD, FIET, CEng

CMOS Active Pixel Sensors as Energy-Range Detectors for Proton Computed Tomography

Michela Esposito, Thalis Anaxagoras, Philip M. Evans, Stuart Green; Spyros
Manolopoulos , Jaime Nieto-Camero, David J. Parker, Gavin Poludniowski, Tony
Price, Chris Waltham and Nigel M. Allinson

50 μm pixel pitch wafer-scale CMOS active pixel sensor x-ray detector for digital breast Tomosynthesis

C Zhao, A C Konstantinidis, Y Zheng, T Anaxagoras, R D Speller and J Kanicki