ISDI is engaged in two inter-related business activities:

  • Custom image sensor and ASIC design and testing
  • Custom image sensor manufacturing

ISDI provides imaging solutions for cutting-edge medical, scientific and other technological application  through re-thinking the entire imaging acquisition process.


Founded in 2011 our Management Team are experienced in designing  and manufacturing CMOS image sensors and other ASICs for the detection of X-rays, visible light, electrons and protons

Nigel Allinson, Thalis Anaxagoras and Edward Bullard.  In 2016 Lou Hermans and James Brodrick joined the Management team.

ISDI targets professional imaging applications with a focus on medical imaging and X-ray imaging.



Thalis Anaxagoras


Thalis is an expert in image sensor design and runs operations and R&D at ISDI.


Ed Bullard hi res.jpg

Ed bullard


Founder and CEO of Dexela Ltd and CEO at Scintacor. He is responsible for ISDI strategy

Nigel Allinson.JPG

nigel allinson


Nigel is a Distinguished Professor of Image Engineering at the University of Lincoln. He has extensive experience of solid state image sensors, X-ray crystallography and other X-ray, electron and proton imaging. He has published over 300 scientific papers/patents

Lou Hermans.JPG



Lou is a serial entrepreneur, having founded and sold two successful companies. In 2007, Lou co-founded CMOSIS, a company active in the image sensor business, where he was board member and EVP for Marketing and Sales until the acquisition by ams AG in December 2015. In 2000 he co-founded FillFactory, an IMEC spin-off (also active in the CMOS image sensor business). He served as VP Marketing & Sales. Cypress Semiconductor Corp. acquired FillFactory in August 2004. In between CMOSIS and FillFactory, Lou was Strategic Business Manager in the Microsystems, Components and Packaging (MCP) Division of IMEC. 

Lou holds a PhD in physics from the KU Leuven.